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Welcome to the Fort and Stone online quality neckwear store.

Fort and Stone have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and sales in the neckwear industry. Over that time we have supplied neckwear to some of the finest department stores in London and to independent menswear stores all over the UK and abroad. You can be assured of the high quality of a Fort and Stone product.

Fort and Stone Silk Ties, Cravats and Ascots, Bow Ties and Handkerchiefs are available across the UK from independent menswear shops and from our online store.

Fort and Stone sources printed cloth from two printers in Como, Italy in order to produce many exclusive designs. We then have the silk made into cravats, ties, bow-ties, handkerchiefs and scarves. Many of the colours and patterns are skilfully designed to give the traditional English style an international flavour in a way that only the Italians know how.

Our woven silks are woven in Sudbury by one of the oldest silk mills in England, (maybe even the world). Founded in London in the 1720's the mill has been continually in business through 9 generations of the same family. Their ability to weave as many as eight colours on to numerous different colour warps to our exclusive design gives our products a richness and depth of colour unique to Fort and Stone.

Fort and Stone is the trading name of Fort & Stone Ltd.

Our principal place of business is at –

Sandy Farm Business Centre
The Sands
GU10 1PX

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If you have any enquiries about your order or any other question about our range of quality neckwear, please feel free to contact us preferably by Email at:
You can be assured of the high quality of a Fort and Stone product.  Fort and Stone quality neckwear products are designed to appeal to the individualist who values style and distinction.

Contact us or call us on 07926 981114 should you require any further assistance.