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About Elephant Family

Elephant Family is  theUK's leading charity working to conserve the endangered Asian elephant, whichnumber as few as 30,000 in the world.

Elephant Family focuses on raising awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant andon raising funds to protect vital habitats for the elephants.  A number of ways it does this is by securing naturalcorridors to allow elephants to connect to their surrounding forests  and prevent human-elephant conflict.

Elephant Family has funded over 150 field projects to date andare currently active in six of the 13 elephant range states:  India,Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia. Work to protect thehabitat of the Asian elephant also helps tigers, orangutans, rhinos and otherwildlife that share their habitat.

Fort & Stone founder, Grahame Stoner, became aware ofthe need to protect the Asian elephant whilst visiting an elephant orphanage inSri Lanka shortly after the devastation caused by the 2004 Tsunami and thecivil war.

Fort & Stone are proud to support  Elephant Family in their work and have pledged to make a donation to Elephant Familyof 10% of the purchase price of every elephant tie, bow or cravat purchasedfrom our website.

Fort & Stone Elephant Family ties are tipped with a Taralogo. Tara is the Asian  elephant rescuedby passionate conservationist Mark Shand, the founder of Elephant Family, whorecorded his adventures in his best-selling book ‘Travels on my Elephant’.

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Elephant Family

Photo taken by Annette Bonnier